Time & resource management
Time is precious

Innovative cloud solutions
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The employees of tomorrow work multiple jobs and manages their own time.
Triangel's cloud based systems includes all employees and automate work processes.

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Time & Resource Management

myTime Public & Corporates

Workforce management with all employees in one cloud solution

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Achieve big savings by digitizing and automating your work processes. myTime Public & Corporates is a well-proven solution suitable for both corporate grous, municipalities and companies.

In myTime Public & Corporates you will find smooth personnel logistics with shift management, work schedules and timetables for all employees, within the same solution. Seamless integration with payroll and invoice.

Choose the modules that suit your organization.

  • myTime School
  • myTime Shifts
  • myTime Industry

  • Continuous updates
  • Available wherever you are
  • 100% cloud based


"We save a lot of time because our employees shop their own shifts - even across municipal boundaries."

- Egil Barhaugen, on behalf of all municipalities of Nord-Gudbrandsdalen

myTime School

Cloud solution for scheduling and temporary employments at for schools

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Automation of schedules and substitute management means you can save a lot of time. In myTime School, the substitute can "shop" the vacancies themselves. Also between schools within a municipality.

As an administrator you get a complete overview of available resources and their skills. Automatically generated time sheets and employment contracts for teachers, is just a part of what makes this solution unique.

This cloud based solution handles all types of hours, sickness self declaration, compensatory time, leave and absence. Seamless integration against payroll.

  • Continuous updates
  • Available wherever you are
  • 100% cloud based


"We save time with myTime School. It has made our substitute management faster, easier and more transparent for everyone."

– Hanne Stormoen, teaching inspector at Notodden middle School


myTime Industry

Cloud solution for time tracking and projects management

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myTime Industry was one of Norway's first "born in the cloud" solutions for time and project management. Now it's one of the best solutions in the market, with features that simplify and automate all time management.

Choose a standard solution or a solution geared towards industry, seafood or contractor. Seamless integration with payroll and invoice.

  • Continuous updates
  • Available wherever you are
  • 100% cloud based


"In Block Watne we have used myTime Industry for all our carpenters since 2006 and the system has been very well received."

- Britt Hagelund, Payroll Manager Block Watne

myTime Shifts

Cloud based solution that automates work planning and shifts handling

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Save time with easier work planning in the cloud. Reserve your time for the important tasks. 

In myTime Shifts every substitute can pick and choose from available shifts and make their own schedule. This gives you the administrator a much easier work day. 

Our cloud based solution digitizes all forms of shift and substitute managing. Seamless integration with payroll.

  • Continuous updates
  • Available wherever you are
  • 100% cloud based


"myTime Shifts has made my workday simpler and freed up time for tasks that had been put on hold. Thumbs up."

– Department manager Oliver Ingvarsson at Josephines Stiftelse Barnehjem


“Saving time in the most efficient way. We can register the hours 500 employees work per month only by clicking one button”

Alicia Ortega Casan,
HR Manager Acciona-Ghella
Joint Venture Follobanen at ACCIONA